Book clubs designed for boys. For how they’re made and for how they like to learn.

We are passionate about instilling a love of reading in young boys and with it a language for thinking, feeling and communicating, which will serve them in exams, assessments and life.

Our sixty-minute weekly book clubs are designed specifically around the development and learning style of boys and feature half an hour of dramatic readings by actors followed by half an hour of critical appraisal by the small groups.

Book Club Boys is for all boys aged 3 to 11, bookworms, sports fiends and techies alike.

Book clubs designed for boys.
For how they’re made and for how they like to learn.

I read for pleasure and that is when I learn the most

Margaret Atwood


Book clubs are generally but not exclusively organized by age

AGE: 3-4
Boys & Girls

AGE: 4-6
Boys & Girls

AGE: 7-11

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As the mother of a little boy in London, I was alarmed at the enormous pressure our children face to get into a London prep school…

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Book Club Boys is for every boy. For reluctant readers and bookworms.
For those reading for pleasure and those preparing for exams.

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Book Club Boys is held in a range of venues across London, with more to come. If you would like to see Book Club Boys in your area, give us a call!

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Teachers and parents – did you know you can host Book Club Boys at your school? Please get in touch with us to find out more.

The single most important activity…for eventual success in reading
is reading aloud to children

Jim Trelease of The Read-Aloud Handbook